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I wanna be free. I wanna be fixed. I want the whole world to just make sense. Cause here in my head, its all still alive. So why did you let what we had die?


How can you fuck someone over so badly and not feel bad about it? I have no closure with anything because you refuse to talk about things, so I can think anything I want to. If you wanted to prove me wrong you would, but it’s sad, because you actually can’t. We both know I’m right when I talk about what kind of a person you’ve become. Don’t worry, I won’t be at Chuckey doaks graduation. Don’t want to get in the way of you and your little slut hanging out together again. Oh, didn’t want me to say that either? My bad, if you would’ve treated me nice at all maybe this wouldn’t be happening. What is closure lol you sure don’t know. How do you live with yourself knowing what you’ve done and who you are? I would hate myself. I mean after all, you did make me hate myself. But we could’ve been friends if you would’ve actually listened to me when I needed you, or actually apologized for being a shitty person, or maybe, idk, TRIED to be there for me?

Apologizing would help but hey you’ve never meant anything you said anyway so just keep on being who you are and hopefully one day you’ll see yourself for who you actually are

  -  11 May

You’ve completely ruined me when it comes to relationships and if I mess this up I’ll regret it. But after ours messed me up so much it’s hard to believe anything. Why did you do this to me and then just walk away? How are you okay with what you’ve done?

  -  11 May

Forever having no closure because you prove everyday you’re an asshole oops sorry, someone’s gotta tell you

  -  11 May

Lol sorry for trying to care about you like you haven’t done for me in about 5 months. Cute how I was always there for you but when I got bad again the only thing you did was try to make me worse. Maybe if you quit being an ignorant and conceited asshole we could be friends like I’ve tried to do multiple times.

It bothered me so much that you were the last person I kissed. I just wanted to get that next one over with to feel like I could finally start over again, and that’s how it feels. Idk if you’ll reply to the message on facebook but if you don’t, that’s okay. I really hope youre doing okay, and good luck in the military. Be safe, remember you can’t hurt Hercules ;D

I want to come to your graduation so badly. Just to see you and everything, but I know that’s probably not okay. So since it seems like I won’t be seeing you again, good luck with everything. If I block you on facebook again it’s because I don’t want to have the urge to stalk it at all. Its better that way, if were not going to be friends.

  -  13 April

Tell me. How do you expect me to move on without any closure? Everytime we talk you’re a jackass and quit talking to me when I get emotional. Do you know why I get emotional? Probably not because you’re just like anyone else now and you don’t notice shit. I ask you to call me so we can talk about things. Listen to each other. Talk about how we could work as friends. And you ignore it and move around it and frustrate me more KNOWING that it frustrates me. But you still get surprised? XD oh my god. I literally can’t deal with how much you’ve changed into just a regular person. You’re not different anymore, it’s kind of pathetic how you changed from someone so amazing and different to who you are now. I’ve told you OVER AND OVER that we need to talk about things. But you don’t give two shits about me, so that’s why you don’t call. But you expect me to move on without any closure whatsoever and that makes it all worse. I tell you what makes things worse for me thinking you’ll try to help me (because you lied and said you wanted to help me) and then you turn around and do exactly what YOU KNOW would hurt me the most. How do you not realize the person you’ve become?

  -  23 March

it literally brings me to tears knowing that I missed your call on my birthday. But I know if I would’ve answered we would’ve ended up arguing because all you do is yell at me anymore. I only use this tumblr to tell you things, I don’t want you updated in my life lol. Why would I want to update you on things you don’t care about? When I start getting emotional you basically think “Oh, god, Bailey probably needs someone right now, so I should leave her alone with all her thoughts and anxiety to make her worse lololol” xD sad, but true. So so so true. I really hope I didn’t contribute to who you are today. I really hope with everything in me youre not who you are right now because of me. All I ever did was be there for you, and do everything I could for you. You did that…. for maybe a few months? lol then you were like “After I show her that im here for her, I’ll just leave her and be the biggest jerk that I can so she gets worse” you succeeded, don’t you worry. Even though I was there for you to listen and help when you were emotional, suicidal, depressed, crying, at your lowest, you still leave me completely alone when I get emotional. Its just amazing how little you can care about someone that you used to claim to want to “help.” Wait did I say how little you care? I meant how you don’t care at all. If you were here for me to help me, and actually listened when I needed you, it wouldn’t be hard for me to accept us as friends and want the best for you. But you treat me like a piece of shit and expect me to take it and get over you xD Oh, sometimes I don’t understand how dumb your view points are. I tell you EXACTLY what would help me, so you go do the opposite…. and then expect that to help xD

All you do is prove how much you want me out of your life. I’ve given you way more chances than you deserve. Everything’s blocked now, you never tried to fix anything or care enough to try to be friends. And just so you know, texting me on iMessage will say it’s delivered lol don’t be fooled you’re blocked there, too. Everytime you talk to me you make my depression worse and my anxiety worse. “I want to be a better person” xD yup lol ok. I still laugh at that. You do not care about a thing anymore. It’s so pathetic, really. You changed so quickly into someone I wouldn’t want to know. You’re rude now. And you don’t listen or care. You’ve wasted all the chances I’ve given you. I wanted to try to be friends. Really! But with you treating me the way you are…. “I want to help you” lolol so by helping me you mean if I have a problem and come to you you make it worse until I break down then ignore me and make me feel worse? You used to be perfect. You would listen when I needed you, and you cared about my feelings and also other people. God you’re so selfish now I don’t understand. I’ve been there for you through everything. Literally look back and try to find a time you got over emotional and I didn’t try to help you. Seriously, try xD I’ve tried helping you through everything, I never gave up on you. Try treating me the way I treat you. It’s pathetic how I still care about you when you couldn’t give two shits about me at all. Have a nice life, I’m permanently out of it. This isn’t my fault you know. I’ve tried everything and given you a thousand chances. So congratulations, have fun with your slut and you won’t be hearing from me anymore. I’ve changed my password for everything and made things private and changed my tumblr. Why should you know about my life when you treat me like shit? This isn’t me “talking shit” about you like you always think. Seriously think about what I say and you’ll probably notice a bunch of shit.

  -  21 March

This has only proven how much you don’t care about me being in your life at all. The only thing that’s not blocked is your imessage but if you’re literally not going to make any effort whatsoever (because you don’t care about shit anymore, its kind of sad) I’ll probably block it soon too. Lol not like you’ll care, you don’t about anything else. Have a nice life, you’ve shown you don’t want me in it. I’ll block the imessage in a couple days if you still don’t care about anything in life to try to fix shit.

  -  18 March


I’m making a new tumblr.If you want to follow me, then message me and I’ll send you the URL

Another reason I said no to going with someone to prom is that I would feel better going alone knowing that you wouldn’t get jealous or meh at all over it. When are you going to start treating me the way I treat you? We’re not together anymore but damn. At least show that you care if you say you do. That’ll make this so much easier on me. It’s so hard accepting all this because of the way you treat me and seriously… Going to prom with a girl after you said no to me. Why can’t you say no. It’s not like you want to go. And well both be happy that way. Please.

  -  11 March


I don’t care how hot you are, if your personality is shit your physical appearance automatically means nothing

"I didn’t like my name until you said it."

This is killing me so much… If you know how this makes me completely dead inside why wouldn’t you want to help? You say you want to help? You care? But you don’t try to do anything.. Please don’t go to prom with her 😞 I need to actually talk to you… This is horrible. Don’t do this to me 😞 please

  -  10 March
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